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21 days in May : Bookblurb : The whole world is shocked when an underground group, known only as SurvivorS, start attacking Holisticorp sites. SurvivorS claim that Holisticorp's Nobel prize winning owner, Martha English, has secretly released a virus to identify those she has deemed substandard and intends to clone all who become ill. Oak Madoc is unconvinced; since Martha devised her plan to save Earth's failing ecosystem, many considered her the world's sainted saviour. Oak dismisses SurvivorS' claims as conspiracy theory and their attacks as industrial espionage but the odd behaviour of a close friend raises his suspicions and Oak's on-line comments bring him to SurvivorS' attention.
			Oak nervously joins the fray but, as each new Survivor he meets tells of their extreme personal experiences at the hands of Martha's minions, he quickly gains confidence in his decision. With each new mission Oak learns more about Martha’s atrocities against humanity and is soon convinced saint Martha's project is the most insipid and terrifying threat ever to face humanity. But is Martha the real threat? 21 days in May : Spine image - Blood red book title over as Steel double helix & monochrome background of genetic code 21 days in May : Front Cover - Steel double helix on a monochrome background of genetic code above a blood red book title
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Author Advisory Adult Themes. Voluntarily added by the author for the safety of minors Author Advisory Adult Themes.

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As you may know, I have previously posted portions of 21 days in May (under its old title of Necrolysis) on Authonomy's website. I gained some good insights about the story, or more to the point my ability to tell it, and picked up some cool comments. I thought you might like to see them.

  • "Holy crap. This is made of awesome. You're backed, baby. Wow." ~ Geoff Thorne

  • "VERY STRONG OPENING PARAGRAPH! Good how you put the dates so I know when this is, and how far you go back when you start recapping history. Fantastic plunge into the future and into this world you created. Good suspense. I like the intensity of your writing." ~ tadhgfan

  • "Man, that Martha is one messed up nut job, and that's the nicest thing I could think to say. Are we going to find out how she got this way? I hope you're not going to leave those years she was missing hanging. I love the pace, it really keeps me on the edge of my seat. This is a great story Crispy." ~ truscifi

  • "Chapter 1(revised) Always happy for a return to the resorption chair! The changes you made are POWERFUL, dynamic, and at the same time sensitive to your characters. Bravo, Crispy, bravo! Shelved. And when available, I'm buying this." ~ GeekMaiella

  • "Nice flowing prose easy on the reader, good tense action. I completely lost track of time reading it." ~ PetTastic

  • "Enjoyed this. Great prose, lots of action, drama and fast pace with credible dialogue driving the plot forward." ~ Tari

  • "Superb premise and an apt subject considering the advances these days. It also raises more issues as, do clones have souls which would make them free thinking and responsible for their own actions. See, you already have me thinking about the consequences and who's to blame for what. Good job." ~ Owen Quinn

  • "Crispy, you have a great storyline. The premise is strong; the pace is steady and characterizations compelling. I really like the plot and the writing is good. You have a flair for building tension that explodes off the page, and the action propels the story forward. Great storytelling. Scott" ~ Esrevinu

  • "I was thrilled at how gripping this is! This is a scary sci-fi thriller. Your dialogue is edgy, sucking the reader into the intrigue. And I love how you make use of the short segments, military time and locations - really breaks the scenes up. Great stuff!" ~ Kim Jewell

  • "Perfect, 'not-to-distant-future' sci-fi. The best kind. It's written well too ;-) Andrew" ~ andyroo

  • "I was drawn in straight away and thoroughly enjoyed reading this. The descriptions made for easy visualisation, especially the 'dentists chair', lovely!" ~ Patrick Barrett

  • "I like the concept of your story - your pitch drew me in. Usually when one reads a story about the future there are flying cars, which there well might be, and lots of other ridiculous ideas, but Necrolysis seems so much different. It is an intelligent way of looking at the not too distant future and, who knows, you may well be right. We won't be around to find out, will we? I don't think I'd like to be the Smithson family though. You have created some terrifying images and I just wonder what Emerald is going to do with this information. She obviously teams up with Martha because they are still working together 69 years later... This is very well written and appealing..., Jim." ~ jmac

  • "Hi Crispy, You have completely frazzled my brain with this! It's way out of my usual reading but i can see clearly that you know about your material, have thought through every detail and care passionately about your themes. It is horribly powerful writing but that is exactly as you mean it to be- and i suspect that you are introducing me to ideas of such signicance that I should take them very seriously indeed.
    I think that what makes this portion (i've read the whole posting) so effective is that you do not just care about what you are writing, you have a true author's ear for the language. I felt total confidence in your ability when i read 'long streak of unwashed spittle' and realised that you weren't going to take me into a world of futuristic cliches. Then in the horrific dissection scene you write a completely beautiful sentence: steam mushroomed from the chest cavity and drifted lazily through the pool of light.' The contrast between what you were saying and how you were saying it did so much to heighten the effect." ~ JAK

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